An open letter about the gospel

The true gospel is about what Christ accomplished on behalf of His elect people as their substitute. Before all time, God chose for Himself a people to redeem. He planned the fall of man in order to reveal His own righteousness in Christ. Jesus, who is the eternal son of God wrapped Himself in human flesh and was born of a virgin. He lead a sinless life and He obeyed unto death. His death satisfied the wrath of God against His elect alone. That death is the sole ground of the believer’s justification…God is only just in forgiving me my sin because Christ paid for that sin.

How did Christ pay for my sin? Because it was imputed by God to Him. God chose to impute the sins of the elect to Christ. They did not choose that. Because Christ paid for those sins with His death, God can remain just while forgiving me. God’s law requires death for sin. Christ died as the substitute for the elect. Therefore, God’s law is satisfied and God can declare His people to be righteous because they have been clothed with the righteousness of Christ by God.

God has ALREADY either imputed your sins to Christ and they were paid for at the cross, or He has not imputed your sins and you will pay for them upon your death. Your choice, belief, faith, enlightenment, nirvana, whatever has nothing to do with God’s choice of whose sin to impute to Christ. God only imputed the sins of the elect to Christ back at Calvary 2000 years ago. Only those sins were paid for. God chose whose sins Christ would pay for, and Christ’s death actually satisfied the bill. When Christ died He said it is finished. God raised Him from the dead three days later because He agreed–Christ had done EVERYTHING needed for the salvation of His elect at the cross. He was raised to life because no sin was found in Him. If He had failed His mission to do everything God required to save the elect, He would have been a failure and thus a sinner, and thus worthy of death, and unable to be resurrected. Because death is what people who sin deserve.

Because of Christ’s death alone (not the Holy Spirit helping to produce “righteousness” in you) are the elect saved. Christ’s death is everything. The work of the Holy Spirit in the life of the elect is not what gives God the ability to save them, it is the death of Christ that gives God the ability to forgive His elect and give them eternal life.

The Arminian false gospel does not believe this message. As I understand it, you were “saved” believing this false gospel. Men cannot be saved by believing a false gospel. There is only one Christ who saves, and that is the Christ revealed in Scripture. I make it a point to share these things with you because I love you.

Arminians believe in some christ that died for all men, but that in spite of that some of them are still going to hell. What this means is that the death of Christ is not what saves, it is something else. If Christ paid for someone’s sins, but they are still going to hell, then the reason they are going to hell is because they failed to do something. This makes salvation conditioned on something the person does. And the thing that the person does is the object of the faith-for the Arminian, it’s their saying the prayer, altar response, prayer life, reading the bible, church attendance, law keeping…whatever it is, it is something that they do. They do not understand what Paul says when he says that salvation is of grace and not of works. That doesn’t mean that God doesn’t care about what you’ve done and you can choose to have your sins imputed to Christ…it means that salvation is only going to elect, and the elect were chosen according to God’s election, not their works.

God chooses to save and condemn. The non-elect have been born condemned. From womb to tomb there has never been any chance that they will be saved. The elect were once as the sons of disobedience, but God has transferred from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of His Son. It is all God. Salvation is of the Lord, as Jonah says. You cannot choose to opt in. The promise is not made to all who will repent and believe. The promise is to the seed of Abraham and the all of the seed of Abraham will repent and believe.

Salvation is not conditioned on us or what we do. It is conditioned solely on the success of Christ. His death is my righteousness. My righteousness is outside of myself, in Christ. I look to the cross for assurance, never myself or my behavior.

John MacArthur and Paul Washer are Catholics in disguise who want to drag people into a system of fear and law keeping. The joy of the Lord is not about law keeping, it’s about resting in Christ. My conscience has been sprinkled clean. I no longer fear God’s retribution against me for my sin. He will discipline me for sin and various other things, but I do not fear Him in the sense of having utter dread and then peace from one moment to the next.

I have been calling you to what Paul did in Phillipians 3. He looked at every thing he had ever done to gain favor with God and called in dung. I’ve told you your Arminianism is a false gospel. I’ve said that is the “gospel” you believe. I’ve also suggested that merely believing in the sovereignty of God or election is not enough. One must believe that Christ’s death satisfied the wrath of God completely on behalf of His elect alone and rest entirely in Christ for salvation.

I believe you may be afraid to relinquish your seniority in Christianity and repent of that Arminian gospel. You’d have to tell all your friends that you were a deceived unbeliever this whole time…and that would be difficult. Look at Paul in Philippians 3, he counted all of his hard law keeping as dung…as complete excrement. That is how you need to look at the last 20 some odd of years of your Christian walk, and instead cling solely to Christ for salvation. Not your choice to get saved all those years ago, but the good news of God coming to you so that you too might hear about that good news.

My gospel is good news. It is actually good news. It says to you-look to Christ for all of salvation. He is the righteous savior whose death has saved His people. Reject all other falsehoods and cling to the true savior. The Christ who actually saved His people at the cross.

If you believe this gospel, to the exclusion of all others, no matter how unpopular or uncool you will become, you can KNOW that God has done His work in you (1 John 5:10). The elect are those who believe the testimony of God about Christ-that His righteousness is the only righteousness God accepts.

If you reject this gospel then, the news for you is bad. Very bad. Repent of your Arminianism. Repent of your striving to seeking assurance in your efforts to obey. Find rest in Christ alone. Believe the gospel-that His death has satisfied all God requires for His people and that that death is the sole ground of justification before God for His elect. There’s nothing for you to do, Christ has done it all.

I’m saying this to you because I had to repent. You’re not alone here. But I will tell you that I have never been more at rest, and more assured of the security of my salvation than I am now. Finding assurance in Christ for salvation instead of myself is the best place to be.


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